Wilf Hendriks is very renowned in the Town of Victoria Park. Firstly for Photography. Wilf started his working career 1973 at Photo Hendriks, a photography business started by his father in 1954. After 40 years, Wilf decided to sell the business in 2012, leaving it in good hands after helping build it up to one of the leading school photography companies in Perth. Wilf has also been serving the local community for many years, by being actively involved in many groups including Rotary.  He was recognised for his contribution by being awarded the Citizen of the Year by the Town of Victoria Park in 2014.

After leaving the world of photography, Wilf developed a passion for Natural Health after hearing Don Tolman, known as the whole food cowboy, speak at an event. Wilf is a keen follower of Don, so much so that the mural he commissioned to be painted on the front of his shop is based on the seven ancient principles of health that Don preaches. Wilf has also attended one of Don’s Basecamp summit’s on health.

On a trip to Brisbane in 2012 Wilf was invited to hear a talk by Dr Hill, the chief medical officer at doTERRA, and was blown away by what doTERRA’s certified pure therapeutic essential oils could achieve. He has been trained on the Aroma Touch Technique, which is a clinical application developed by Dr Hill, to enable people to achieve the maximum benefit from the use of essential oils.

By spending time surfing the internet Wilf became aware of many cases where people had recovered from all sorts of illnesses, including life threatening conditions, using natural therapies. Much of this information seems to be suppressed and is not widely known. In 2014 Wilf decided to study to become a naturopath at the Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine (AIHM), now known as Australian Institute of Higher and Further Education (AIHFE), at the ripe old age of 59, so that he could use his knowledge to help people with their health concerns by using natural therapies.

Wilf successfully completed his studies at AIHM, in June 2017, and is now qualified to practice as a recognised naturopath. Wilf has an Advance Diploma in Naturopathy, an Advance Diploma in Herbal Medicine and an Advance Diploma in Food Nutrition. The study Wilf has completed also enables him to do Swedish massage also referred to as Relaxation Massage as well as several other modalities.

Wilf is constantly learning to keep up with the latest developments in the industry, ensuring him to be equipped with the latest knowledge and tools available to optimize your health.

Wilf is set to continue being a recognised personality in Victoria Park. He opened up his naturopath business “Natural way to Good Health” in July 2017. Coincidently, whether by chance, fate or good luck, the business is located in East Victoria Park, directly across the road where Wilf was brought up as a child and where he has worked most of his life at Photo Hendriks.

Everybody needs a partner in life and business, and Wilf’s wife Carol fits both roles. So after also spending many years with Wilf in the photography business, Carol is ready to help him out in his new adventure. Together they are looking forward to the next phase in their lives, serving their clients with the dedication and service required to build ‘Natural Way to Good Health’ into one of WA’s leading Naturopathy businesses.

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About Mural:
The mural on the front wall has been inspired by the by the 7 ancient principles of health preached by Don Tolman, the whole food cowboy, at many of his presentations.

Air: Represented by the bush setting, where fresh air is abundant.   Air is the most critical life giving thing we have, and air which is moving is electrifying and purifying.

Water: Represented by the stream: Water is the very source of life. We should be drinking the amount of clean water which equals the weight of your brain every day, which is around two litres per day.

Sunshine: Sunshine creates life on mother earth. It increases neuro chemistry in the brain. Depression is associated with low levels of sunshine.

Walking: Life is movement. The body needs to move or it will go down. Walking 45 minutes a day, in the outdoors, 5 times a week can add 18 years to your life.

Whole foods: Food is the only medicine you should ever take, but not food which is processed. The doctrine of signatures indicates foods to use. For example. If you slice a carrot and it looks like a pupil, so carrots are good for the eye. A walnut looks like the brain so walnuts are good for the brain. Embrace Farmers Markets to ensure you get fresh organic produce grown in season.

Non-toxic relationships: Represented by the couple on log having a good time. Love is all you need. Be happy, hug your friends, have loving relationships, love your partner.

Passion: Represented by the person riding a bike. His passion is bike riding. Find out what you love to do, what brings smile to your face and do it for at least 1 hour a day. 

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Sleep is the greatest gift of life and these 7 principles support sleeping well which leads to healing.