Price List

Our aim is to improve your health through the use of natural therapies, so you can achieve and maintain the best quality of life which is possible for you, at an affordable price.

Unfortunately none of the therapies we offer are claimable from health funds but to compensate, we keep our prices to a bare minimum to make them affordable. Many of the same therapies we offer can cost up to three times more elsewhere.


Initial Consultation (Allow 1 ½ Hrs) $95.00 (In depth consultation & Includes a follow-up)
Follow-up consultations. $45.00
Mini Consult Session (10-30 mins)) $25.00

Max Pulse 3 in 1 Cardiovascular Check

Special Price $25.00
Includes a Heart condition report,
Comprehensive Stress report, and a
Cardiovascular health report


Swedish massage is the most widely practiced form of relaxation massage.
We only have a male masseur. Only one massage can be done at one time.
Full Body (Allow 1 Hour) Special Price $45.00
Back, neck and shoulder massage ½ hour $35.00


Is a very relaxing, clinical application of therapeutic grade essential oils on the back, neck and feet in a certain sequence and is designed to address stress, toxicity and inflammation and then on bringing the body back into homeostasis.

Aroma Touch Technique (Allow 1Hour) $39.00 Special Price


One of the most effective ways to detox plus there are many other benefits

0 – ½ Hour Session (1-2 persons) $25.00 Supply own towels $18.00

Pain Management Therapies

We have many therapies which are effective at alleviating pain and restoring health, including Low level laser therapy, ENAR ® interactive electro therapy, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy and NES miHealth

0 – 30 minutes session $25.00
30 – 60 minutes session $45.00
Multiple Repeat sessions P.O.A

InfraBed ®

Increases blood circulation, stimulates metabolism, facilitates detoxification and helps relieve aches and pain.

0 – 30 minutes session $25.00
30 – 60 minutes session $45.00
Multiple Repeat sessions P.O.A

Helps determine areas of weakness. It is not used as a diagnostic tool.

An iris photo is taken of each eye and the different features are discussed. $45.00

NES HEALTH BioEnergetix WellNES System

A powerful system enables us to quickly and easily restore health by using a proprietary 3 step process.

NES Health Scan $25.00 Special Price
mihealth therapy 0 – 30 minutes session $25.00
miHealth therapy 30 – 60 minutes session $45.00
infoceuticals $25.00 ea (Retail $33 ea – you save $8 on each)

(Prices subject to change without notice)

We Sell

  • ESSENTIAL OILS 10% discount on all doTERRA essential oils
  • HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS at discounted prices

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Phone: 6248 6369
Mobile: 0403 121 543
Address: Unit 1/872 Albany Hwy, East Victoria Park, WA 6101