Homoeopathy – Acute symptoms

Homoeopathy is a safe and natural system of medicine based on the principle of “Likes cure likes”. Homoeopathic remedies are ultra-dilute micro doses of a plant, animal, mineral or microbiological substance which stimulates the body’s own healing response. The remedies are potentised by a process of minimisation. The more dilute the remedy is, the greater its potency. Homoeopathy is accepted in many countries including England, Switzerland, India and France and it can be an effective form of treatment.

We carry in stock remedies for a number of common conditions. By asking questions relating to the characteristics and cause of the symptoms you are experiencing, it enables us determine the remedy which may be best suited to you.

If the symptoms you are experiencing are chronic, that is that they have been persisting for a long time or are constantly recurring, we would refer you to a registered homoeopath.