ENAR ® Interactive Electro Therapy

Helps to:

  • Relieve acute – chronic pain fast
  • Improve function
  • Accelerate recovery
  • Find hidden and referred key-points


The ENAR ® (Electro-Neuro-Adaptive-Rejuvenater) is a hand held medical device which delivers non-invasive, non-toxic, interactively therapeutic, computer modulated, electro-energetic stimulation, onto and through the skin.

Essentially ENAR ® is an electrotherapy TENS Category device that works in a real-time ‘dialogue’ to generate changes in neuro response. The ENAR ® impulse signal is an intense, short, tall, bi-polar wave form that prompts a nerve response. This response in turn feeds back to the site of stimulation causing change in skin impedance. This dynamic cycle of change influences the magnitude of the stimulus and creates change in the wave form.


ENAR ® is very different from conventional tens type devices. Unlike conventional TENS, the ENAR ® does not seek to just block pain signals, but interactively prompts normal nerve response. Unlike Acupuncture, ENAR ® needs no needles, or knowledge of the meridians, because it actually locates and treats your individual ‘key-points’ through the skin.

What can the ENAR ® achieve?
Australian health practitioners and members of the public are using ENAR ® devices to great effect. They find that the ENAR ® can have a profound effect on both chronic and acute painful conditions and injuries that may not respond to other forms of treatment. The ENAR ® is also used to locate hidden, referred and primary treatment points in ways that might not be evident by other means. Peer-reviewed and published university researchuniquely confirms the ENAR ®’s extraordinary ability to create therapeutic outcomes

ENAR ® has University Research Results
The ENAR ® is a unique, Australian and trademarked product. ENAR ® has formal University research at Sydney’s Macquarie University that showed with Chronic Neck Pain, Related Disability, Functional Restoration and General Health. ENAR was shown to create significant and sustained results, compared with TENS and a Placebo. Further in-depth analysis of ENAR therapy user and patient experience involving hundreds of case studies has been compiled, peer reviewed and published by RMIT University in Melbourne.

How does ENAR ® work?
The ENAR ® is used to find and treat ‘asymmetries’ or Key-Points. Asymmetries are differences, tell-tale signs of problems that can be detected when using the ENAR ® device on the skin. The ENAR ®’s interactive therapeutic stimulation process fuses ‘Bio-feed-back’ and ‘Bio-feed-forward’ in a ‘real time’ dialogue with the nervous system to prompt any faulty or unfavourable areas to return to a naturally healthy state. Ultimately there are at least two common explanations for the ENAR ®’s therapeutic effectiveness. The Bio-Chemical explanation suggests the ENAR ® prompts the release of neuro–peptides, generating a cascade of natural healing hormones. The Bio-Energetic view suggests the ENAR ® clears and regulates neuro-energy-pathways and so restores the flow of energy and information, and this facilitates both the pain relief and healing.