Naturopath Consultations

Our initial naturopath consultations take around one hour and involve answering a series of questions relating to your health history and doing a few simple tests in order to determine underling factors which may be affecting your health.

The tests can include:

Blood pressure and heart rate check

Iridology – Analysis of your iris to help determine areas of weakness in the body.

Zinc status test – Zinc is a mineral essential for metabolism, a heathy immune system, proper hormone function and skin tissue repair.

The initial consult will enable us to assess your health status and so be able to provide you a customised treatment protocol to improve your health.

Follow-up consultations can be booked to check see how you are progressing and to adjust the treatment protocol if necessary. Follow-up consultations are also useful to give you support and encouragement to make sure you keep on track.

You may be able to claim a contribution from your Health Fund if they cover Naturopathy or Nutrition.