Infrabed – Radiant Thermal Therapy

The InfraBed ® is a radiant thermal energy therapy underlay, or mat that combines two therapeutic components, working in synergy: Far Infra-Red Energy and Amethyst Crystal Energy delivering Core Activation Therapy that deeply penetrates to support restoring and raising the core body temperature, metabolism, energy and blood circulation for better health and healing.  InfraBed ® users report “Feeling Better & Moving Better”


Far Infra-Red Energy (FIRE)
Light generation is Nature’s own healing heat.  Far Infra-Red Energy can penetrate from 3 to 10cms into the body creating deep nerve, organ, joint, muscle and tissue warmth.  

Amethyst Crystals
Amethyst has an ancient reputation as the “healing crystal”. It is a natural stress reliever that encourages inner strength and peace. Amethyst is shown to be a good conductor and when heated delivers more of highly absorbable, deep thermal heating, Far Infra-Red Energy (FIRE). Infra- red energy has been widely used for its anti- inflammatory effects on the body.    

InfraBed ® utilise the highest quality amethyst crystals, and has EMF protection and quality wiring. 

Core Activation Therapy is based on traditional and modern Thermal Therapy combined with heated Amethyst Crystals and Far Infrared Light Energy and may help to: 

  • Relieve Aging Aches, Pains and Soreness
  • Improve Joint Mobility
  • Increase Blood Circulation
  • Stimulate Metabolic Process
  • Help Weight Loss and Management
  • Facilitate Detoxification of the body
  • Support physical & emotional Health
  • Raise whole body and core body temperature.   
  • Help the immune system to perform better.
  • Improve sleep

PLEASE NOTE: InfraBed ® is NOT a listed ARTG therapeutic medical device and so use with any medical condition should have your doctor’s OK. However the InfraBed ® is a CE quality assured and SAA Safety assured thermal therapy device made for use in Australia.

InfraBed ® is not formally university researched, and so no therapeutic claims are made for it, except by way of comparison in regard to other traditional and/or modern allopathic results reported for simple thermal therapy. 

To enhance the effect of the Infra bed we also can make use of the Enlightened Therapies BioBlanket ®, which works synergistically with the InfraBed ® and is made to suit it. 

By using the InfraBed ® with the Bio Blanket, you multiply and improve thermal transfer from Conduction and Radiation, by adding Convection and Reflection


BioBlanket ® features
Two distinctly different sides, (Yin+Yang) with 4 Distinct Purposes

  1. to help Protect the body by Deflecting away external energy influences
  2. to help Balance the body’s multiple energies by establishing a Cocoon
  3. to help Reflect back to the body its own energy output 
  4. to help Raise Core Body Temperature and to Synergise with InfraBed ®

BioBlanket ® incorporates

  • 7 layers including back to back Reflective Foils
  • Bamboo Fleece externals 
  • A negative Ions layer on this the Yang side

The Yin side: also referred to as the passive or cool side, has the appearance of a normal sheet. When this side is facing down, one may feel quickly a sense of emanating cool from the BioBlanket ® and if the weather is hot or the body is warm, this can be a cooling experience, particularly if the InfraBed ® is turned off. One also may experience a sense of inner peace and quiet that leads towards a state of repose something like a cool relaxation and calming meditation.  Basically the Yin side of the BioBlanket ® is used for balance, rest and recovery

The Yang side: also referred to as the active or warm side, has a quilted appearance. When this side is facing down one may feel quickly an emanating feeling of superficial warmth, that may be followed by periods of warmth focused in parts of the body. Used with the InfraBed ® underneath you get a full 4-way (Conduction, Radiation, Convection and Reflection) Thermal Activation Therapy Session at an intensity level and time span that suits your therapeutic goals. The Yang side is basically for thermal therapy and core activation and includes extra Negative Ions for Heat Convection.